Speedy Soup

I haven’t been feeling well today, so rather than make something complex for dinner, I went with a combo of already prepped stuff to make soup. Other than the onions, everything was in my cabinets already, so easy no thought meal.

I started by sauteeing some onions. These are cippolini ones but it’s a what you have on hand choice.


After they got a bit brown I added a cube of garlic. I really prefer using these frozen garlic cubes from Trader Joe’s. So easy and never spoil. Unless I have plans for roasting it , fresh garlic tends to sprout before I use it all.

I tossed a can of premade pumpkin into the pot. Pumpkin, not pie filling!


To get it to soup texture, I used some of the boxed chicken broth. This has the side benefit of adding a bit more flavor. I also added some marjoram, oregano and some sea salt.

Being lactose intolerant, I did not add any cream, since I was out of any of my normal substitutes, but you can easily add some to make it more creamy. I just left it slightly thicker to give it a nice feel in my mouth.


Not the best picture, but it was super yummy and fast, just the ticket on a feeling sick and rainy day.


2 comments on “Speedy Soup

  1. Lily says:

    Thanks for this, i’ll have to give it a try.

  2. neecerie says:

    Obviously it’s a use whatever herbs you like, sort of thing, but I think these sorts of recipes are great for’ what can I make?’ moments.

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