Flap flap

I spend a lot of time in airports, as I currently travel for work. I actually am away more then I am home.

I always wonder what it’s like for other people to travel this much, because I think it’s very different for people who have someone waiting for them at the homestead.
A sense of excitement, anticipation must accompany at least the homeward bound trip.

For me there is very little of that. Going home just equates with more work. Sure it’s my own cozy bed, but unless I prepare correctly, the sheets are never clean, the fridge probably has at least one spoiled thing lurking in it, and my laundry is all dirty.

In winter it’s cold, because no one is there to warm it up in advance of my celebrated arrival. In summer, it’s stuffy hot, because you can’t leave windows wide open for two weeks.

I am likely being moved across country shortly to remedy this, and. I am honestly looking forward to it.

A new place means new decor, new challenges new ways to make it all mine. These are things I appreciate and enjoy every time I move.

Bonus that I get to stop being United’s best friend.