What Did You Give Up, To Get What You Got?

What Did You Give Up, To Get What You Got?.

This lovely post by Rian over at Truth and Cake is just full of wisdom and goodness.

Go read and be contemplative.


Dream a little dream…

One of my ambitions in life is to have a getaway place where I can hide out and avoid real life.

Someday I might yet accomplish this goal, but until I do, I take mental vacations to cabins, lots of cabins.

Cabins, I’ll give you cabins!

Evidently it’s a very trendy site right now, which I will take to mean there are lots of us trapped in lives we don’t always fit into.


A house is a home?


There is that old adage, but so many people sort of equate that with family. What happens when you are the only body in a house? How do you make it home? 

I think it might be slightly different for the very young, who might feel their solitary domestic condition is a temporary one, but for some of us, we are in it for the longer term.

And honestly, who wants to live like a college student at 40 something?  And what happens to those of us who are sincerely interested in the domestic arts, cooking, crafting, decorating. So much seems to be geared toward making things wonderful for family domeciles, recipes feed 4-6, magazines are full of childrens room ideas and articles on ‘secrets of a feminine bedroom that your husband will still sleep in’.

I think there is a way to do the domestic thing, without being the proverbial old cat loving lady. (not that i dislike cats, but there is a stereotype there) 

Why not attack the household loveliness as a single person, after all….revlon tells me ‘I am worth it’!

Welcome aboard!

OneBodyHome, is a place where I explore what it means to be a single woman home.

Living alone should not be an excuse to not live it up in grand style, whatever yours may be.

Downscaled recipes, with upscaled taste and sensibility, decorating projects achievable solo, and any number of other things to make your house the perfectly cozy retreat for one!